Electric America

The People and Places Powering the USA



Electric America is a photojournalistic project that aims to connect the power user (you and me) to the power producer (electric companies). Akin to the "know your farmer" movement, the series was created to shed light on the energy industry & communicate where your power comes from.

It rests of the fundamental belief that when you put a face to a topic, or know someone in an industry, you're more likely to care. Electricity and heating represent 25% of global carbon emissions. Cognizant of the integral role that electricity plays in both climate change and modern day life, the project strives to a facilitate transition to a clean energy economy by first showing the sources of electricity as they are.

The ultimate goal is to provide a greater understanding of the diversity of natural energy resources in the United States, and show just how complex the energy sector is. Empower the consumer to not only know the type of power they purchase but hold leaders accountable for providing the type of energy they want- a diverse, clean, and reliable energy mix

What started as a personal education project of founder Molly A. Seltzer grew into a venture that straddles the spheres of public education, social storytelling, journalism and fine art.

"There has not been a more exciting time to watch electricity/energy sector in the United States"

Read more about Molly and the Electric America team here.


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