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On block island, offshore wind ushers in a new time- quite literally

Into the Wind, The Official Blog of the American Wind Energy Association

October 2017 

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Out of The Box, on kauai community radio (kkcr)

October 2017

Founder Molly A. Seltzer on Kauai Community Radio (KKCR). Listen now (Molly at 3m mark)!

Gw alumna uses camera to spotlight sustainability across us

GW Hatchet

October, 2017

Interview with Electric America founder Molly A. Seltzer on Electric America, and its roots in environmental studies and impromptu plant tours.



these solar cells are modeled after a fly's eye

Smithsonian Magazine

September 2017

Stanford University researchers may have found a way for perovskites to compete with silicon in the solar panel market, and make a more nimble solar cell.


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Gw alumna puts a face to the energy industry

GW Office of Sustainability

September 2017








why salt is this power plant's most valuable asset

Smithsonian Magazine

August 2017


Compressed air energy storage can help the grid keep running and pave the way for renewables.



The solar eclipse in nyc revals the power of sharing the sun

Huffington Post Blog

August 2017

New Yorkers show the power of sharing, and availability of renewables during their eclipse experience. 



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