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Molly A. Seltzer, Founder & Chief Storyteller


Traveling to a power plant near you! 

Molly Seltzer A. Seltzer, June 2017

Power Plant:  Deep Water Wind's Block Island Wind Farm; 30 MW, 5 turbines

Molly A. Seltzer found herself touring wastewater treatment plants, textile and material recovery facilities, and small power plants on her weekends and vacations. She wanted to learn about the systems that underpin day to day life- to find, be part of, and share stories of the people and places that literally power the country, and provide services that many take for granted.
In January 2017, she left her job in sustainability consulting to pursue her passion of bringing environmental awareness to the masses, and to educate herself about the American energy sector. One by one she met people working at all different power plants in all different states.  She photographs and writes about her experience, and the experiences of the people she meets- their slices of reality. Molly  threads the stories together through her photographs and articles with the ultimate goal of bringing people together. 
At a particularly polarized time in the United States, Molly took to the road to discover the America she hadn’t yet known- the one outside the urban northeastern environment in which she grew up. 
“Electric America,” was born. With seed funding from the George Washington University’s Shapiro Traveling Fellowship, she traveled to the country’s first offshore wind farm off Block Island, the newest incinerator in the country, and a unique natural gas plant. Always seeking new stories,  she travels near and far from her home base near NYC. Follow along as Molly discovers the buzzing, beautiful and brave Electric America. 

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